Posting From Picasa

Posting from Picasa is so easy, in fact it’s really easier that posting from my Blogger account. The other nice thing is that it doesn’t take 5 minutes to download the photographs, which is really nice.

Here’s Blue on a lazy Saturday.

Olive itching.

Zoey. Posted by Picasa

An Incredible Moment

On May 19th, sweet Puppy Dog Blue turned one year old and this is how they all celebrated.

On an entirely different the Mavs did what I feared they could not. I do not normally get too emotionally involved in sports, but with local teams it is one of my passions. Monday night we went to Brady’s graduation and I DVR’ed the game. When I got home Justin F. (and Miranda – I know, shocking) and I started watching, but I couldn’t watch each possession. I had to know what happened and I fast-forwarded through almost the entire game. The anticipation of the unknown was killing me. I thin I stopped with about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. As we watched I realized that this was one of my happiest sports moments. This moment has been commented on here, here and here. I do not think I’ve ever been so proud as a fan of a team. It wasn’t’ just that game, it was the entire series, it was drama every other night and it made me lose sleep and it kept me awake when I should have tried to get some sleep. It was incredible.

I hope that we can all relish in a moment somewhat like this. Whatever that moment is in your life that takes your breath away or keeps you awake thinking about other possibilities.

First Wedding Anniversary – Part IV

Taking in downtown Dallas. After we got done at the Dallas Aquarium we walked downtown a little bit and wasted time.

The Dallas skyline from the Farmer’s Market.

This is so fake it makes me angry. This is at the Dallas Westend, the most touristy part of Dallas.

Monica’s is a Mexican eatery that is absolutely delicious. I think Justin F. and Ashley F. introduced us to this place. Mexican Lasagna at Monica’s.

Talapia cooked real good.

First Wedding Anniversary – Part I

After making breakfast for my lovely bride, Miranda and I started the day at the Dallas Aquarium. This has been something that Miranda has wanted to do for quite some time and unfortunately, it did not live up to the hype. It was nice and it was pretty, but there just wasn’t a lot to it. We basically ran through everything in an hour and to be quite honest, I expect a little more out of $15.00 per person.

An incredibly large alligator.

The artificial rain forest.

Much more endearing self-portrait.

South American Otter.

Year One Is In The Books

I guess it is tradition that you are supposed to eat some of the cake from your wedding on your first anniversary. I think that this cake only brings bad memories for Miranda as it was not the cake that she wanted, nevertheless, the cake was actually pretty good and if anyone wants a slice they are more than welcome to come by for a piece or six. We had a wonderful day which will be detailed in a couple of much larger posts in a day or two.

If you can’t wait for the pictures, most, and more, pictures are on my Flickr website. Just click the “PDB@FLICKR” button on the left.

If you’ve noticed, down the left sidebar I’ve added a couple of things. The first being the “Add to my . . . ” If you have a My Yahoo page then you can click on the link and you’ll be able to subscribe to the blog. You can also do this with Google or Netvibes, websites that have their own start page. There’s lots of neat things out there so that you can always be notified of a new post and I’m just trying to facilitate that. Not that you don’t visit this website every day, but it’s a convenience. Also, you’ll notice that you can subscribe by plugging in your email address and you’ll be emailed any new posts. I think this could really put Puppy Dog Blue on the map. Famous among dozens. Famous among dozens.

Baby Shower For Marilea & Blake

Ryan and TJ.

Flower arrangement at Marilea’s.

Mom’s cake, it was delicious.

Expecting mother, Darius and Dad.

The James Boys.

It was a really nice baby shower, I happened to see Blake’s parents at Target before the shower attempting to purchase a gift at the last minute. Miranda had attempted to purchase a gift in Mesquite on Thursday, but the gift registry was not working at the time.

It was really good to see everyone, I think the last time I saw TJ was Christmas. That’s not good.

Year One – Our Anniversary

On May 21, 2005 my wife and I tied the knot and as of today, it’s been one year. I cannot express how much my love for my wife has grown over the year. We have had our struggles, but the transition from single life to married life has been relatively easy for us. I love my wife more now than I did a year ago, so much of where we want to go, we want to go there together. This has been a very difficult year for us, particularly because of the loss of Rage, something I really don’t think I would have been able to pull out of for a long while without Miranda by my side. I absolutely love her, without any doubt or qualification, she is the person that I am meant to spend the rest of my life with.