Ryan’s Day

Last Friday night Ryan helped open the new restaurant, Veuve, where he is the head pastry chef. I must say, it was a proud and memorable night. Cousins Tim and Mark came down from Oklahoma. It was a cold night but a really great night for Ryan. Ryan doesn’t get to relish in good things, and this year has been particularly rough on him, but last Friday night, was a special night. For us, his family members, it was all about him. We are proud of you. Keep it going, don’t rest on your laurels.

Marilea, Ryan, Saralyn and myself.

Marilea, Ryan and Saralyn.

Ryan, Mom and Dad.

Christmas is quickly approaching and believe it or not, it’s been over a year since I started this little project. As all things do, this has morphed into something a little bit different and lately I have been spending more time with Double T Nation, and it’s meant a drop-off in my writing here. I haven’t heard any complaints, so I assume that it’s okay with everyone, or at the very least you understand.

I have become obsessed with personal finance and saving. I have probably written 9 or 10 blurbs about personal finance in the last 2 months and prior to that I had written none. To be honest, I’m not just obsessed with personal finance, but inspired by it. For those of you who knew me, I have always been obsessed with saving money or being more frugal than not, but now that there are websites dedicated to personal finance, well that’s just too good to be true.

So in the Christmas spirit, I’ll try to give as many people as possible online Christmas gifts or links that hopefully will make your lives better. The first one is for Terry Joe. Since he’s getting out of school soon, I ran across this article about jump-starting your life with a financial plan (thanks to Get Rich Slowly).

It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been here. I’ve been staying very busy at the other website, but it’s something that I really enjoy, it really makes me happy.

I got to see my grandmother this past weekend. That’s such a joy for me. She came to visit her 4 of her grandchildren (TJ is in Austin) and see our homes and our lives. She came to see her son’s farm and his cows and there is nothing better than the proud glow of your mother (or grandmother) seeing all that you’ve accomplished. Our visit was wonderful and too short, we got to see her again on Sunday. I have some pictures of Grandma, Miranda and myself, but I haven’t had the time to download them. I am so proud of my wife and my house, as modest as it is. The place is really coming together slowly but surely.

Given my new hobby, I’ve am still fascinated by websites and articles that help streamline our lives. I know that few of you have the opportunity to go through as many websites as I do, but Lifehacker is an incredible resource and they’re publishing an online book about making your life more simple. Here is Chapter 3: Automate Repetitive Tasks and Chapter 4: Streamline Common Tasks.

I was part of a much greater conversation about the life and kids and money after my last post about Tuition Coach. So now I give you the Five Gifts That Will Make Your Kids Rich. Just think, they’ll pay for themselves.

Have you ever wanted to make something but didn’t know how to do it? Check out Curbly, for lots of good ideas, everything from making your own photo wall to wallpapering switch-plates to fixing a toilet. I know that Miranda loves the idea of me learning how to fix and create things.

I will post this weekend, I will have pictures.

The new restaurant that Ryan is working for is opening tomorrow night, The Veuve, and Saturday night. It’s a proud moment for Ryan. By the way, Ryan, we are all proud of you. Take a minute and soak it all in. Be happy.