Sweet Sweet and I Watching Basketball

Good times with Sweet Sweet and I watching basketball at the AAC. Essentially, I convinced / bribed her to go if we ate at El Fenix afterwards. Not a bad trade-off as far as I’m concerned. The game itself was a little disappointing, but it was still fun to see my Red Raiders play.

Sweet Sweet and I.

Quick story, the wind was blowing at 40 to 50 m.p.h. and we were rushing to find the closest ticket window as we didn’t have tickets to the game and I knew that it wasn’t going to be a sell-out, so I felt pretty comfortable walking up and purchasing tickets.

Some incredibly awesome individual walked up to Sweet Sweet and I and asked us if we would like tickets in the upper deck. Me, not wanting to look a gift-horse in the mouth, said hell yes. We find our seats and there is hardly anyone in the upper deck.

We weren’t exactly very close:

Another good mojo moment comes when the ticket attendants tell us that we can go sit in the lower bowl. At this point, I’m dizzy with excitement. First, I get into the game for free and then I’m told that I can sit in the more expensive seats? Merry Christmas to me.

As you can tell, we got quite a bit closer:

Good times with the wife, and dinner was great.

Keeping a Promise

Two weeks in a row isn’t quite a trend, but it’s better than nothing.

Sweet Sweet and I received some great news yesterday, her platelet level is now at 250,000, whereas before her surgery to remove her spleen her platelet level was hovering at around 35,000. As the doctor told her, we got platelets for Christmas, and honestly, my wife’s health was all I could really ask for this holiday season. Granted, she’s an expensive one, i.e. requiring this surgery and then the back surgery still scheduled for January 21st, but I love her.

With more time from the couple of days off for the Holidays I’ll make sure and post additional photos.  As an aside, Sweet Sweet and I will be going to the TT v. SU game this afternoon.  There will be pictures from that as well.

These photos are from last week’s annual Christmas Party with our friends. Thank you to our gracious hosts, Chris and Landy, for hosting this event.

Myself and Sweet Sweet.

Justin F., Ashley F., Bonnie, Leslie, Tony, Chris, Courtney, Kaylie, and Matt.

Brandon, new couple, Nick, Ryan, Justin F. and Greg.

Nick, Ryan, Justin F., Greg, Richie, Keith, and Chris.

Back From a Break, Again

Okay, seriously, it won’t happen again.

Let me explain.

I wasn’t really doing anything. Okay, that’s a lie, I was doing some stuff, but just not a lot of stuff. Case in point, I went to Lubbock for a few football games, by myself once and with some friends on others. Not to mention, DTN is my escape. It used to be PDB, but at some point, writing about my life became a burden rather than a blessing. Or perhaps is more of an idea that I can get completely lost in the HTML, creating tables, statistics and analysis of DTN where that’s not quite the same with PDB.

I’ve got to get away sometimes, rather, most of the time and DTN is the better place for that, at least for me. I know, this does two things, it creates a void in PDB that’s been somewhat consistent for a better part of two years. I hate that, I really do hate that, but if the alternative is having to think about life and all of my problems, then I’m not sure that I want that.

The other part of the equation is that we (and when I say we, I mean my wife and I) are in the process of getting her “fixed”. Right before Thanksgiving, Sweet Sweet had her spleen removed, which we hope fixes her platelet problem. As of right now I think she feels better, but feeling better is buttressed by the fact that she’s still in quite a bit of pain as a result of the herniated disc in her back.

I will say this, when I kissed my wife goodbye when she had her spleen removed, it was perhaps the saddest point of my life. Not because I didn’t know that everything was going to be okay, but because I don’t think I would have been able to live with myself if something happened to my Sweet Sweet. That fear was paralyzing. I kissed my wife goodbye and I stood there and cried. Completely helpless and scared.

As I said above, she is now doing fine. I took a picture of her crooked body for posterity purposes.

I’ve set my Google calendar to send me an email every Saturday morning to make sure that I sit down and give back.  If I don’t keep this up, my life will just flash by me without any sort of recollection of what really happened.  I don’t like the thought of my life being a blur, but I realize that’s what the last 4 months have been.  No real memories and that’s not good.