Okay…I’ve talked to some others who are adopting from Ethiopia on our Yahoo Chat Group.  It looks like our DTE date is Friday, 8/27/10!  I couldn’t be any more excited.  Well, maybe I will be when we get our referral phone call!!

Everyone pray for things to move quickly!

Seth is really slacking off…

I’ve decided Seth isn’t doing a good enough job keeping everyone updated on how our adoption is going so, I might have to take over Puppy Dog Blue for a while! Ignore my poor writing skills and try to remember that I teach Chemistry, not English!!

It’s been a very exciting adoption month!  We were fingerprinted, received US government approval, and mailed our dossier to America World Adoption for review.

Our dossier is all the paperwork we have been gathering over the past 6 months and we are currently waiting for it to be sent to Ethiopia.  For those of you who don’t know all the adoption acronyms, DTE means “Dossier to Ethiopia”.  This is a huge step in the process because our DTE date is also the date we are put on the waiting list for one child or twins!  Usually, dossier’s are sent to Ethiopia on Fridays and we expected to be DTE today.  However, we received an email and were told that our dossier will be mailed on Monday.  We’re unsure right now if we are currently on the waiting list or if we will be added on Monday but we were assured that our dossier being sent on Monday will not delay the process or our waiting time.  We will see but all I have to say is YIPPEE!!!

I’ll let you guys know what number we are on the waiting list as soon as we find out but it looks like we’ll be about #27!