Good News About Y

About a week ago we received terrific news in that Y is now officially our child.  It’s been a long journey, since April of 2013 that we first started this process.  Y is officially our child according to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has our last name. That’s just the best news we could ask for especially in the holiday.  Now, we just have to wait on exit visas and we get to bring Y home. Y should know that there’s this other bed that’s waiting on him and Fitsum is ready to share his toys.

A Busy November

We had an incredibly busy November, again thanks to my wonderful wife, we actually do things rather than just sit around and wait for things to happen. Up first was that we went to a Dallas Stars game. Sweet Sweet was a teacher of the year at KISD and as a result, we received some free tickets to the game. Both my mom and dad and Randy and Kathie came along, as did Brady.

Then we went to the Dallas Arboretum where they were having a 12 Nights of Christmas display. Fitsum had a great time counting to the next exhibit.

We also had Thanksgiving and I did a terrible job of taking photos, but I did take some pretty spectacular photos of my mom and dad’s place, just as the sun was setting.

Then, we went to Grapevine for a Saturday night. Sweet Sweet finally gets her chance with Dirk.

We started at LegoLand, which was way too crowded for me and way too many kiddos inside to feel real comfortable.

Then we went to the Gaylord to view Frost the Snowman on ice, which is where they carve these huge ice statues. It’s really neat, really cold and you wait a long time, maybe 2 or 3 hours, for about 30 minutes worth of viewing, which seems like a really low bang to buck ratio.

Everywhere but looking at the camera.

I’m Pretty Lucky

One of the things that Sweet sweet does on an annual basis is that she makes sure that we take family photos, professionally done. Every year I think to myself that I’m incredibly lucky to be blessed with such a beautiful wife and a beautiful child.