Saturday Morning Links

1. Nago Torbole is a small town/city in northern Italy on Lake Garda, on the north side of the lake. As you look south, coming into town from the north, there is a river that flows through town and directly in front of you, just to the west are these mountains that jut up on the coast. It looks amazing and a place I’d like to visit one day (I tried to find a royalty free image, but couldn’t find one so click on the “Embed from Getty Images” for a view of the city).

Embed from Getty Images

2. The National Emergency Library opened up nearly 1.5 million books for you to read. Not all of these will be up your alley, “The Practical Book of Chinaware” or “The Coal Resources of Canada,” but you never know what you might find. 3. Austin City Limits has opened their entire archives and I can almost assure that there is something for everyone, so long as you like music. 4. Hollar at me when your dog does your yoga with you.

5. What do we need right now? The Lego Waffle Maker that is exactly what it says that it is. It’s actually not a “Lego” waffle maker, but a brick waffle maker.

Saturday Morning Links

1. We can accomplish so much with some help.

2. Via California Sunday, last boxing tent in Australia. It’s only $20 to watch amatuers battle it out.

3. Via Atlas Obscura, the Iowa architect documenting every slave house that is still standing.

4. I have never been to Italy, but I like to look at beautiful places. Ever heard of the Aosta Valley? It is a valley in Italy that borders France and Switzerland and I’d guess that this is one of the worst areas hit by the Coronavirus. But the scenery is breathtaking (especially in the summer) and I would like to go there when things get back to normal.

Image by Antelao from Pixabay

5. I made it one of my New Year’s goals to read more. I have. In fact, I’ve finished 4 books thus far in the new year and I’d highly recommend Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. This is definitely a book about running, but it’s also about getting older and how we (you and I) deal with the inevitably of age.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Saturday Morning Links

1. Via My Modern Met, absolutely stunning photographs from a woman who spent months in Siberia documenting the lives of nomadic reindeer herders. It is amazing that people live like this (it’s looks like it is maybe 150 years ago) and the photo of the woman who is 96 years old is just terrific.

2. Via Wired UK, introducing apex predators back into the Gorongosa National Park in Africa.

3. GQ has the story of a bank heist (who doesn’t love a bank heist) in Buenos Aires. This is a long read and you have nothing else left to do currently.

4. OutsideOnline has more on the benefits of sun exposure, including lowering blood pressure.

5. Ryan Duzer is a YouTuber, but don’t take that the wrong way. Duzer rides bikes everywhere and takes you along with him. A couple of years ago he tried to bike the entire 1,700 mile Baja Divide and after two weeks, he couldn’t finish it. Well, he’s back and it’s an absolute joy to watch because he meets a friend, Mira, and you get to see how Mira’s owner (Mira is a sweet puppy dog) modified his bike to hold Mira. I’ll watch this when running and if you’re stuck at home, it’s a fun watch.