Saturday Morning Links

1. Ever heard of Mt. Taranaki? Me neither. It’s a dormant volcano in the North Island of New Zealand, western side of the island. I absolutely love mythology, regardless of the origin.

According to Māori mythology,[23] Taranaki once resided in the middle of the North Island, with all the other New Zealand volcanoes. The beautiful Pihanga was coveted by all the mountains, and a great battle broke out between them. Tongariro eventually won the day,[24] inflicted great wounds on the side of Taranaki, and causing him to flee. Taranaki headed westwards, following Te Toka a Rahotu (the Rock of Rahotu) and forming the deep gorges of the Whanganui River,[25] paused for a while, creating the depression that formed the Te Ngaere swamp, then heading north. Further progress was blocked by the Pouakai Ranges, and as the sun came up Taranaki became petrified in his current location. When Taranaki conceals himself with rainclouds, he is said to be crying for his lost love, and during spectacular sunsets, he is said to be displaying himself to her.[26] In turn, Tongariro’s eruptions are said to be a warning to Taranaki not to return.

Photo by Sophie Turner on Unsplash

2. Via the BBC, two of Charles Darwin’s journals were returned to the Cambridge University Library in a pink gift bag.

3. Via Texas Monthly, the story of  Elsik and their high school soccer team made up almost entirely of immigrants. I see so much of Yo in some of those faces (there is a student from the Democratic Republic of Congo on the team).

4. Via D Magazine, Iztok Franko is from Slovenia, the same place as Luka Doncic and he wrote about his visit to Dallas to see Luka. Iztok is an insanely talented writer and explainer of basketball.

5. The Oregon coast.

Saturday Morning Links

1. Ever heard of Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park? It’s a national park in Brazil on top of a plateau that’s 1.8 billion years old. It is a park that is 929 square miles and is known for it’s huge waterfalls.

Photo by J. Balla Photography on Unsplash

2. I didn’t know what “hot girl shit” was and now I know how race car drivers do or should do hot girl shit.

3. Via NPR, Pradeep Mehra runs 5 miles every day after working his shift at McDonald’s in order to stay in shape to eventually join the India army and to then go home and cook for his brother (who is also working the night shift). For me, this is really about how people all around the world do things to get by and we’re all running in some form or fashion to get things done or do things or maybe we’re normal.

4. Via LondonSE1, the largest Roman mosaic from 175-225 AD was recently discovered and it’s a work of art.

5. Anton somewhere is a Ukrainian YouTuber and he normally does amazing travel videos and now he’s chronicling life in Kyiv under the Russian siege.