Mother’s Day

I know that I’m a week late, but better than never. Mother’s Day was last weekend and we spent Saturday at my parents’ house and Sunday we have Sweet Sweet’s clan come over to our house. To the pictures:

Molly, my Mom’s new dog and Donny battle it out:


Sweet Sweet:

PDB (me):

Ryan, Mom, Marilea and Saralyn (and Darius):

Grace and Jenson:

Jenson has a frog:

Blake and Thea:

Mom, the woman of the day, and Hogan:

Sunday I took quite a few less pictures, which is my fault. I’m sure you’re thinking, well did he take pictures of dogs? Well, hell yes.



Me, getting more gray:

Sweet Sweet, Mom and Olive:

Blue’s Wedding Reception

Some time ago, my buddy Blue got married to a wonderful girl, Cressinda, in California. Last weekend he had his wedding reception, which meant that it was a good opportunity for a mini law school reunion. Big Time, Beano, Duk and myself all attended, and all roomed together at the Hilton.

Here’s the view from our hotel room:

Beano and Big Time:

Duk getting his iron on, on:


Me, getting so fresh and so clean, clean:

Duk, working the camera and in all of his man-glory:

Beano holding Blue and Cressinda’s gift, a log-dog:

Reception time. Beano, looking dashing:


Inside the building:


Duk and myself in an unusually large chair:

Courtyard again:

A tiny cowboy hat: