Rangers finally make a trade.

So the Rangers traded Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez and Terrmel Sledge in exchange for Adam Eaton, Otsuka, and a catching prospect. I don’t know how I feel about this, I know nothing about Eaton, but what I have read, he is in the last year of his deal and he has publicly stated that he does not want to sign here next year due to the fact that TBIA is a hitters paradise. What bothers me most is that I thought that Young was decent, but not special and never pitched far into games, but he was decent. I really don’t like giving up Gonzalez for so little, but I have to imagine that John Daniels looked and was not able to find anything worth a dang. Nevertheless, I really don’t know where this ship is sailing. Maybe the Rangers are gearing up for the DVD boys in 2007 and they’re not worried about today. That’s a risky proposition and I don’t like the idea of dealing away bargaining chips (Young and Gonzalez) for little to nothing. If you don’t read this website, Lone Star Ball, then you really don’t have your pulse on the Rangers (I should also mention that Newberg will have his opinion sometime tomorrow morning).

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