Some of you may have seen the link on the right of this blog and wondered what the heck it is. For someone like myself, it is absolute and complete greatness, is social bookmarking. Basically, I have a personalized page that allows me to, wherever I am located, to bookmark to my page instead having to simply list it on my favorites on my home computer. I know that this seems a little odd, but the other nice thing about is that it allows to “tag” a website (i.e. assign a word to a website that helps define it) and then I am able to view what other folks are bookmarking and using the same tag. is easy to use and very enjoyable because it makes life simple.

It should also be noted that Yahoo purchased in early December and that will probably mean changes, but Yahoo also purchased Flickr and it seems like they have done nothing but great things with it.

You will also note that I am varying the fonts on this site so that I can find something that I like. I really don’t like the default font, but I always forget to change it. Also, all of my fonts don’t match (i.e. my links, title, etc.) and this bothers me.

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