New Year’s Eve 2005 – Part I

Miranda and Ashley B.

Ashley B. and Stephen.

Ryan and Holly.

My love and me.

Justin and Ashley F.

2005 is in the books and now we’re on to 2006. A fantastic time was had by all last night and it was wonderful to see everyone after what seemed like a long holiday season. I don’t know if its me, but everyone seems really happy and I hope everyone has a healthy, happy and prosperous 2006.

I want to state for the record that Justin and Ashley were not on Flickr because they were unable to make the bowling trip to Ennis with Tony/Leslie and Stephen/Ashley. You snooze you lose. I will try to post many of the “couple” photos on Flickr, but I’m limited to so many downloads a month and it’s part of my personality, but I can’t download all of my allowed pictures on the first day of the month. By the way, you can buy any pictures from Flickr, this is my gift to you.

Ashley B. mentioned that my descriptions and links are confusing and difficult to understand. Thus, my first goal of 2006, other than trying to make my wife happy, is to do a better job of explaining all the things that I link.

One more thing. I can only post so many photos, thus, there will be a Part II and I don’t want to hear any complaining about why someone didn’t make Part I (i.e. “I’m not important enough to make Part I?” “Don’t you love me?” “Why do you constantly berate me by purposely not posting my picture in Part I?”).

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