Big Ben

You know, all you had to do was ask. For all of you who do not know, this is Ben, my best man and best friend. He wrote a comment where he expressed his displeasure for not being on the infamous blog. Well here he is. I should also explain that my first encounter with Ben was me mentioning that we had the same haircut coupled with Ben’s obvious apprehension that what seemed to be a straight man was complimenting on his hair. From that moment forward, a friendship was sprung, the likes the world has never seen.

Ben has been promised a trip by myself to Missouri, and I have yet to deliver. He and Moe will have a visit, it is merely a matter of time. Maybe I could have some “throwed rolls” since I wasn’t able to have them last time.

In an attempt to make up my obvious mistake, I am including this excellent link of a St. Louis Cardinals blog which will make his baseball-pants go crazy.

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3 thoughts on “Big Ben

  1. What a strange photo. I guess we are trying to throw the Vanilla Ice sign???? Thanks for the love. Moe wants to know that if we were planning a warm weather trip, what would your excuse be?

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