What To Remember?

Because I deal with death nearly everyday I asked Miranda what she would take of mine to remember me. For you, is it a pair of boots, or a book, or an object that I couldn’t conceive if given a million chances?

As an aside, Miranda didn’t have any idea what that might be (I can’t really blame her), but I started thinking that this would be a great writing assignment for everyone. I assume the reason I did not get a flood of responses is because I didn’t really provide a specific topic, so now I am.

If I had to pick one thing of Miranda’s it would probably be Olive. Olive needs Miranda (as silly as this appears to sound it is true) and Olive would never be the same, but I cannot imagine letting her go anywhere else. Unless of course, I could be convinced that she would be happier with Miranda’s parents, but it would take some strong convincing.

On a more permanent scale, I have a lot of trouble answering this question. On some level when you grieve there are only so many things that you can hold on to without depressing yourself everyday. I know that I could say something like pictures, but that would be cheating. On a tangible level, I would take her wedding rings. I know that this does not seem like very much to take, but there would be nothing else that I would want that would bring more sweet and wonderful memories of what was. As I said above, anything else would be too much, all I would really want would be the very most important thing.

Now, that I’ve given out the assignment, I expect each and every one of you to talk about this with your significant other. I don’t think that this is too depressing (I am probably biased on this point), but is meant to spark a conversation about what is important and maybe more importantly about what we have that we do not really need and what is not important.

No links tonight, just food for thought.

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3 thoughts on “What To Remember?

  1. Had a similar talk with Melissa last week, due to similar subject matter being brought up in Desparate Housewives (the “Plan B”). I don’t believe we arrived at any conclusions, however, I do think that no matter what she will always have my … student loan debt. Goodtimes.

    I hope the comments section is a appropriate for the essays you have requested.

    AND yes, it is pretty damn depressing subject-matter.

  2. Yes, the comments section is a perfect place to write.

    That’s too bad about Big Time. He is in my thoughts.

    I always thought that student loan debt was dismissed whenever the loanee died. I thought that other than paying it off, this was the one way to get rid of it.

  3. Can you say “consolidation”? Yeah, that kind of queers the whole deal. Well, Melissa is still thinking about what she would keep. I told her that I would keep her shoes, mostly because I look good in them too. huh? Seriously, probably her blanket that she covers up with each night on the couch. This blanket is akin to those security blankets you have as a child, that wrap around you to perform as a protective sheild from the world. It is her force field. When she is in it, she is truly at peace. She presents a wry grin that says that she has it figured out, or that she just doesn’t care. She wraps up in it like a burrito, leaving littel more than her head exposed. It protects her from the boredom she would suffer from having to watch sports and hunting shows with me. It muffles my phone conversations with friends and family, enabling her to focus on her program. On sundays, it is a certainty, that she will spin into her blanket cocoon, lie down, and fall into a sweet peaceful sleep, and I can observe an undisturbed miracle.

    Anyhoo, while she is still thinking, I’m sure she will conclude that she would keep my cock-ring.

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