I would like to remind Ben that women and children…

I would like to remind Ben that women and children may be reading this blog. Quite possibly my own children some day. Nevertheless, I laughed out loud at the gift that Melissa would keep of yours and Miranda thought it was just gross.

Update from last night’s post: My wife and I don’t owe any “real bills” until April. Good times. Good times.

There will be nothing inspirational about tonight’s post or linkys:

Incredibly awesome video of David Hasselhoff (via The Superficial).

The Rangers’ top 30 prospects.

More Rangers, Minor League Ball has discussion on the AL West and who is in the best shape for this year and for years to come.

An incredibly detailed blog about NFL draft prospects.

Beano will get this car, I’m sure of it.

For all of your construction needs.

Lifehacker says that TurboTax is the best.

It’s supposed to rain Saturday.

The Mav’s are tied with the Spares.

If you love recruiting (i.e. Tech commitments) then please read the DMN’s recruiting blog, it’s good.

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2 thoughts on “I would like to remind Ben that women and children…

  1. I apologize for the crudeness, however, my immature sensibilities require that I balance anything remotely sweet or nice with something crude and inappropriate. Don’t want people to think I’m some sort of flowery, soft, nancy boy. Could you do the same sort of research for the NL central.

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