Blue Gets a Bath

Blue doesn’t get a bath very often. She has incredibly thick fur that just doesn’t dry. In fact, if you don’t dry her with a blow dryer for a little bit she will be wet for up to two hours after her bath. Not to mention, if you don’t sit in the tub with her then I think she feels like she’s being mistreated. Despite all of this, she got a bath last weekend. You can tell from the photos up top that we don’t do this often because the water was completely brown. I know, it’s gross, but I keep thinking that she’s a dog and that’s what dogs are supposed to do. Play in the dirt and get dirty. She’s very good at it.


Urban Ninja.

West Coast compliment to the Lazy Sunday, Chronic of Narnia (via metafilter).

My wife would love this site.

A pretty good Mavs blog.

I am always on the lookout for items that make my life easier and 37signals is a pretty neat set up websites, designed to simplify and organize your life. Go ahead and try them out, most of them are free.

If you have to go to one place every morning to get your headlines all wrapped in a neat package then go to The Morning News.

I love Exploding Dog’s art.

I was actually thinking last night why the AAC has never hosted an all-star game, well, Mark Cuban says it’s because of the fans.

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