Honeymoon – Part I

Taken from the front steps of the resort.

Boarding the plane after the “luggage” fiasco”.

The beach outside the resort.

Pretty birds.

The newlyweds, a little red.

I started thinking that there were no pictures from our honeymoon and that needed to be remedied. The honeymoon really started off with a bang. We wake up early, we get showered up and leave the hotel, which was at the airport. We load onto the bus to take us to our terminal with some kids going to Cancun. They could not have been more than 18. The kids exit at a terminal before ours and we exit ours and sure enough whenever we go to check our luggage my wife realizes that she the bag she is carrying is not hers. One of the kids mistakenly took her bag. At this point my wife tells me to “do something”. I really don’t think I did anything because my wife then gets the idea to call the number on the suitcase and we get this kid’s mother. She gives us his cell phone number and we start dialing. Sure enough the kid has our bag and we coax him to coming to our terminal to trade bags. Everthing works out in the end, but what a way to start your honeymoon.

There were no more hicups along the way, we get to the resort, after an hour long bus ride from the Dominican Republic airport. It rained the whole way to the resort and it rained almost all night. Despite all of this we really had a wonderful week. The food was good, the beaches were well maintained. The drinks were non-stop and the staff was really wonderful.

The only other hitch was that my wife decided that she didn’t need any sunscreen on the first day. That first day, we were supposed to go to a meeting to discuss going back to the airport and where they provided information on things to do at the resort. My wife decided not to go and she wanted to enjoy the sun and weather. This was a big mistake. I was gone for 45 minutes and upon my return she was beet-red. Even I was a little bit red and I was using some high-powered sun screen. We basically bathed her in aloe that night, and it all worked out fine.

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One thought on “Honeymoon – Part I

  1. Roni, i’m glad to hear that early in the marriage you were faced with the “do something” scenario. Early on I tried to “do something”. Most of the time, I found that there was absolutely nothing I could do. These days I find it more interesting to break out in dance when she requests that I “do something”.

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