Staring Contest

A funny thing happened last night when I was throwing my dinner in the microwave. Blue was laying near the wall that separates our kitchen/dining room from the living room and as I turned around Blue and I locked eyes. Now, I am not dog psychologist, but I have always heard that you should never let a dog win a staring contest. Supposedly, it’s a sign of weakness or dominance, depending upon which side of the stick that you end up with, with. Do I know if this is accurate? Absolutely not, but it can be entertaining. So I had set the microwave for two minutes and sure enough the stare contest was on. Normally, when I stare down a dog it can take 10 seconds or less, but this time she wouldn’t budge. I am glad that dogs don’t differentiate between a cracked smile and “mean face” because I actually started laughing as the seconds kept ticking away. At this point it is becoming incredibly silly, but I refuse to lose to Blue. What seemed like a life-time (it was actually only 1 minute and 38 seconds) she broke away and I am still the staring champion of my home. She was a good foe, but she simply didn’t have a chance.

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One thought on “Staring Contest

  1. I know what you’re talking about. That happens with Melissa every once in a while. I try not to make eye contact with her, but it happens. Melissa, sadly, has never lasted more than a minute.

    What’s next? You going to challenge Olive to a thumb wrestling contest. Good luck with that.

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