Now And Then

There is a fine line between writing about what was and what is. Sometimes I think I get lost in trying to recall memories of what was. Good times. Significant and sad moments. To balance that I think it is important to also write about the here and now, the problem of course being what is happening now is not all that exciting or splashy or memorable. There are moments that are fleeting and occasional that we should remember, but so many times these moments are like cars passing you on a highway. You see them, they pass you by and then they are forgettable.

Zoey will often sit in the yard, when we let her out for the evening to do her business, where she will sit, facing the wind and she’ll just smell. Not for a moment, but for however long it takes for her to appreciate what is in the air. I know it’s a cliche to say that we must all stop to smell the roses, and although it is can be insignificant, just stop to smell. Take it in. Relax. Make a moment.

I find that life if about being caught up in the rut. At times, I feel like I am hitting the prime of the rut. Work. Eat. Sleep. I am sure that the reason that I daydream about those past moments is that they always more seem fond than the present, but the reality is that the present is very good and wonderful. The rut is not a bad thing, it is life. It is a mortgage, it is a marriage, it is children, it is parents, it is family. If anything, be in that rut. Never be tired to take a moment, make a moment worth smelling. Take it all in.

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One thought on “Now And Then

  1. As insignificant as my ‘rut’ may seem to someone of your disposition, I really connected with your musings this evening. I don’t know if I’ve ever *really* communicated this to you before, but you’ve always been a great inspiration to me. Even something as simple this journal you keep, makes me want to live as decently as you do.


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