Dantastic Turns 30

Miranda, Courtney and Ashley F.

Greggo, the Birthday Boy and Justin.

Stetty and Daniel.

K. Mitch’s kid being funny.

Richie and Justin.

Daniel turned 30 and after and difficult start to the day, very windy and cloudy, it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. To me there is really nothing better that friends hanging out, enjoying the company and talking. It truly makes for a very stress-free life, a simple life.

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One thought on “Dantastic Turns 30

  1. Fellowship and goodtimes,… there is nothing better. Last weekend Beano’s kid turned 2, and there was substantial gathering, with dinasaurs everywhere. Food, good times, a pinata, etc. Ty, Beano’s kid, summoned me to help break the pinata. I did not get it done. Last year’s gift from Uncle Ben, 24″ machete. This year a “Bag-O-Glass”. The kids love glass. A fun time was had by all.

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