Figuring Out Close-ups

This weekend I finally figured out how I need to take close-up pictures. I know that this is slightly less than manly, but as I’ve said before (at least in my head), I love taking pictures. It makes me happy and it doesn’t seem to cost me any money, just time. Running around my backyard and frontyard with my camera makes me feel less than cool, but it’s my thing.

I am very much looking forward to the long weekend. I plan on finishing the calking job that I started two weekends ago. It is a boring and laborious process, but I keep thinking that it will help with the cooling bills this summer.

I suppose I could write something poetic as Ben did in the previous post. Something like, bluebonnets are the lavender buoys in a sea of spring green. Sprouting from nothingness and surviving for only a short while, they bloom to please parents who must take pictures of children on the side of the highway, taking time out as people in other cars think how silly they are for stopping and taking the time to make a memory. The bluebonnet retreats quickly, at least until the next year.

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One thought on “Figuring Out Close-ups

  1. Roni,

    I guess things are real busy down there, since you haven’t osed anything new in a while. The Mavs will have the #4 seed, and if they can beat the Griz, they will get the Spurs. Is this the year they can beat Duncan and crew? What is the postseason forcast?

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