A New Day

This is how I spent a Sunday a couple of weeks ago. I read, I worked, I played with the dogs, and I just sat outside. It was completely and utterly uneventful.

Today, I had to go into work a little bit today and when I got home, I knew that my little project would be getting a complete make-over. I’ve been thinking about and trying to accomplish the “3 column blog” for quite some time, and with the help of a Google search I was able to do this.
I always thought that the white space on the left-hand side of the blog was wasted space and I truly believe that so many people believe this to be true. I appreciate the white space and I believe that not having anything to break up the pictures and the text can be very distracting. Keeping things simple while having a little creativity.

I also wouldn’t mind some feedback as to the new design. Also, the things that appear in the sidebars, did anyone like the idea about where I wanted to go or things that I wanted to accomplish. Granted, unless you are me, you have no idea if I’m actually doing these things, and between you, me and the fence post, I haven’t taken any grand trips recently and the only thing that I have planned is a trip to Oklahoma City for a wedding in June. Just drop a comment and let me know. I hope everyone enjoys the new design.

Greg mentioned that he’s damn tired of the flowers, and I too am a little disappointed with the number of flowers that I take, but for me personally, the pictures are intended to be a part of my life and there’s not a lot going on right now. Thus the pictures around the house, of the dogs, etc. I had to go to McKinney this week and I was going to take some pictures of the Collin County courthouse, but it’s an old hospital with absolutely no character. For whatever reason, my little brain tells me that the flowers have more character than pictures of a hospital. I think that some people, and maybe rightfully so, believe that these things are on the same level.

I know that I promised more content, but honestly, I have to balance spending time with my wife versus spending time in front of the computer. Internally, I have to resolve what’s more important. I don’t have the time to post during the day, only at night or very early in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, if I could just write during the day, I’d be the happiest guy around. I love doing this stuff.

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