That’s my official weight. Not more than two years ago I was a sturdy 170 on a 5’9″ frame, a true force to be reckoned with. I had never thought that I was really losing weight, but I could not believe that I had dropped down to this level. That’s the weird thing, I eat a pretty big lunch and dinner. I really don’t have time to each breakfast in between taking care of the dogs, getting clean for the day and finding my way to work as early as I possibly can.

I think a big part of this is working out on some level. I am not really exercising, but at the end of the day, the last thing that I want to do is go run or lift weights. All I really want to do is sit down and relax after what is usally a really long day. I reckon I should start doing something in the morning, get the day started off right and eat a box of donuts afterwards. Two years ago I worked out almost every day. I was a member at a gym, I ate pretty good, etc. Now the thought of joining a gym makes me want to take a nap or simply blog.

Although I am not a conspiracy theorist, it is interesting that most of my weight loss has ocurred while married or while leading up to being married. So for all of you who are in the planning stages of getting married (Greggo), simply bite the bullet, get hitched and you’ll be guaranteed a loss of 15 pounds.

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3 thoughts on “155

  1. Great job on the new posts, Setheroo! Loving it. OK, so how did you get stuff (i.e. links and such) on both sides of your text? The page looks much more balanced now. Lovin it. P.S. Are you and Miranda in town for Memorial Day weekend?

  2. Hey thanks for those links!! I love them! And yes, I need your help with my blog. Maybe you can add some links to my page when you and Miranda come over?? I really only know how to do the basics. Also…I need help with my paragraphs. I guess I don’t know how to make line breaks. It’s hopeless for me! 🙂 Y’all want to do dinner in Dallas after visiting Leslie this week?

  3. Roni:
    I have found that marriage led mostly to weight gain. Weird. I like the new format, it adds an aesthetically pleasing balance to your page.

    TV last night: Grey’s Anatomy – season finale was awesome. You probably don’t enjoy the tv medical drama. It is goodtimes. Follow the finale, with a Mavs overtime win. It isn’t even my birthday, but similar since no one showed up at my house to celebrate.

    Also, in dieting and exercise, I find that it is much tougher to do on my own. It was very helpful to have the cheeky monkey tell me I was undisciplined, and therefore unable to have any meaningful exercise or diet regimen. I find out today if I will have to go on medication to treat my triglicerides. Goodtimes.

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