Year One Is In The Books

I guess it is tradition that you are supposed to eat some of the cake from your wedding on your first anniversary. I think that this cake only brings bad memories for Miranda as it was not the cake that she wanted, nevertheless, the cake was actually pretty good and if anyone wants a slice they are more than welcome to come by for a piece or six. We had a wonderful day which will be detailed in a couple of much larger posts in a day or two.

If you can’t wait for the pictures, most, and more, pictures are on my Flickr website. Just click the “PDB@FLICKR” button on the left.

If you’ve noticed, down the left sidebar I’ve added a couple of things. The first being the “Add to my . . . ” If you have a My Yahoo page then you can click on the link and you’ll be able to subscribe to the blog. You can also do this with Google or Netvibes, websites that have their own start page. There’s lots of neat things out there so that you can always be notified of a new post and I’m just trying to facilitate that. Not that you don’t visit this website every day, but it’s a convenience. Also, you’ll notice that you can subscribe by plugging in your email address and you’ll be emailed any new posts. I think this could really put Puppy Dog Blue on the map. Famous among dozens. Famous among dozens.

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