An Incredible Moment

On May 19th, sweet Puppy Dog Blue turned one year old and this is how they all celebrated.

On an entirely different the Mavs did what I feared they could not. I do not normally get too emotionally involved in sports, but with local teams it is one of my passions. Monday night we went to Brady’s graduation and I DVR’ed the game. When I got home Justin F. (and Miranda – I know, shocking) and I started watching, but I couldn’t watch each possession. I had to know what happened and I fast-forwarded through almost the entire game. The anticipation of the unknown was killing me. I thin I stopped with about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. As we watched I realized that this was one of my happiest sports moments. This moment has been commented on here, here and here. I do not think I’ve ever been so proud as a fan of a team. It wasn’t’ just that game, it was the entire series, it was drama every other night and it made me lose sleep and it kept me awake when I should have tried to get some sleep. It was incredible.

I hope that we can all relish in a moment somewhat like this. Whatever that moment is in your life that takes your breath away or keeps you awake thinking about other possibilities.

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