Ashley T.’s B-Day

We celebrated Ashley T.’s birthday Kaufman-style with a fish fry and intended swimming. I say intended swimming because we all intended to swim, but the weather really didn’t cooperate. It was cloudy for most of the day. Never the less, we celebrated. There were the ingredients for a good time: beer, hot-tub and bikinis. All of which I did not participate in because I’m no fun.

My beautiful wife.

Stephen, Ryan, Matt (sitting) and Jim.

Dan, Tony, J.D., Wendy, (Leslie) and Miranda.

What could be better, Brandon, with fried zuchinni, deviled egg, and A bean. Classic.

The Birthday Girl.

By the way, I’m feeling more and more pressure to keep this thing up. I seem to find people truly disappointed if I’m not updating regularly or if there aren’t enough pictures. I also hate being “that guy” who makes people pose. It’s studid (EDIT: it’s stupid to spell stupid “studid”), but I hate interrupting people’s lives. When I’m old and gray, in my jumpsuit and still blogging, I will hopefully look back and reflect on the on these times.

After gorging ourselves on fish, we watched the Mavs win game 3 and it was delicious. Every game makes me incredibly nervous and it’s very difficult to watch. I can’t fall asleep until I’ve seen what Barkley has had to say and the post game interviews on ESPNews. Never has a sport determined my mood for the next day.

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2 thoughts on “Ashley T.’s B-Day

  1. next time i’ll try and look at the camera. good post, seth. good post. and a very sweet picture of your wife. you’re kickin’ a*s and taking names here. i haven’t even gotten my pics up yet. Go Mavs! Hope y’all have fun at the wedding!

  2. You don’t know pressure sir until you get a kid. Then come talk to me about PRESSURE!!!

    Love you.

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