Pool Party

Although Miranda and I arrived at the party later that everyone else, here’s some pictures from the festivities from Saturday night.  As a disclaimer, I did not take any of these pictures, Ashley T. took them, so I’m not responsible for all of the pictures of the guys playing water volleyball.

Greg and I getting our grill on, on.

Stephen and Dantabulous.

How unathletic and dejected does Chris look in this picture?  It’s almost as if he was scared of Team Toney and was bracing for the inevitable, but he got the volleyball smashed in his face for just showing up, up.  Also, notice how Stephen’s team is laughing or at least smiling and Hetty’s team is not.

Ashley, Wendy and Ashley F.

Justin F. digging it.

Danimal getting his set on, on.

Left to right:  Stephen, Ryan, Justin F., King, Richie, Hetty, Dantastic.

Hetty, with authority.

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3 thoughts on “Pool Party

  1. I hate you. Why didn’t AT catch any of my “side out” moves on still frame? I’m going to have to post a picture of me in action now to counter the “non athletic” comment.

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