Randy’s Farm

I’m so disappointed. This is the only picture that I was able to salvage from the one night trip to Randy’s Farm. When I was downloading the pictures, I should have zigged when I zagged and they are all gone. I’m so disappointed.

Despite that, I arrived at 9:00 on Friday night and was asleep by 10:30. The next morning, we got up and started splitting wood. Randy had a number of hickory trees die over the course of the summer and needed to be cut down and split. Gary and his son, Cody, cooked breakfast and we ate at 9:00. After breakfast Randy, Chuck, myself and Blue went on the four wheelers around Randy’s property. After driving for an hour Blue started barking and it was evident that she was extremely tired. So we had to put her on the back of Randy’s four wheeler and she couldn’t have been happier.

We got back to Randy’s house at 10:30 and Gary and Cody were splitting another tree and we started to help until we took a break for lunch. After lunch we finished splitting the second tree and it was time for me to get home. I think I left around 2:00.

This was the first time that I had ever had Blue outside without a leash and the “parent” in me is so nervous to let her go. I experienced this with Rage and I’ve always been afraid that she’ll run away or not come back and the thought of letting her go, which makes her extremely happy, is terrifying. I imagine that parents face this question all the time and I never truly get over the fear of letting something go. It is different with children though, you like to think that you’ve taught your child to know right from wrong, good from bad, etc. With a puppy dog there’s no guarantee that she’ll do the right thing or stay close to the house, or not wander off too far. Trust is such an amazing feeling. Nevertheless, I let Blue go and she couldn’t have been better. She knew to stay near me and she also knew to come when I called her, which is something that she doesn’t always do at home. She kept up with us and she’s always good in the car. She was a really good puppy dog this weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Randy’s Farm

  1. Roni:
    My health status has improved dramatically since I spoke with you last Saturday. I actually had a colonoscopy scheduled for today,however, given my improvement and the absence of pain over the last week, the test has be cancelled. I can say this about that: if a man is willing to be violated in the unnatural way, then he is desparate for an answer to a question no one wants to know.
    I cannot begin to describe the amount of pain and suffering the bug in my stomach had caused. I have never missed work, since graduating lawschool, for being sick. I was forced to miss two days during this ordeal. This coupled with my recent vacation, has buried me deeply.
    I don’t really want to ramble too long, however, I listened to your audio posts, and well, it was weird. Roni’s voice, but no face. It was not interactive like the phone call. I did enjoy them very much, but would recommend that you post a Roni picture along with the audio posts, kind of like when the put up a picture of a field reporter during a phone interview/report when there is no video feed. Just a suggestion.
    Anyway, I noticed that you said that you have no vacation time til Christmas. Will you still be able to participate in the fellowship weekend activity in September?

    Also, maybe we could get some fantasy draft dialogue going. I drew the 12th pick in my league, which is only nice because I get the 13th pick. I am thinking RB – RB, but will take Peyton if he is still there. Any thoughts?

  2. hey put us on your calendar!! Tech vs. TCU in Fort Worth…lunch at Joe T. Garcia’s beforehand. September 16th. GAME ON!!!

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