Grandma & Grandpa

Miranda and I went to San Antonio this weekend, more specifically, Castroville, Texas for my counsin, Hannah and her husband, Randy, wedding reception.  They were married in the Carribean in July and this was more or less the wedding receiption they didn’t get to have.

One of the main reasons why we went was to see my Grandmother and Grandfather.  They have lived their whole life in a small town, Rio Medina and my father grew up there as well.  I really don’t get to see them enough and a big part of why we decided to go was to see them.  Here’s a little history on the town of Castroville:

Castroville was founded in 1842 by Henri Castro, for whom it is named. The first settlers were mostly Catholic farmers from Alsace, a region of France. Castroville still has strong cultural ties to Alsace as many of its citizens are descendents of the original settlers who journeyed here from Alsace in 1844.  Castroville’s sister city is Eguisheim, Alsace, France.

Miranda and I passing time while on the road.

This is the town of Rio Medina.  At one time this was the general store and the post office.  Rio Medina literally consists of this store and two other houses.

South Texas clouds.

There used to be a stone wall at this house, and as Grandma has said before, in the late 1800’s the individual who owned this home was having his horses stolen by Indians, in an effort to stop this problem he camped out one night and waited until the Indian crawled over the wall and shot him.  This seemed to stop the horse thievery.

Cotton fields with cotton clouds.

This is my grandparent’s home.

This is the hallway in the house.

This is their kitchen and dining room, we have spent many Christmas’ and breakfasts and other times at this table.

The backyard.

Freshly tilled.

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