Dinner and Dogs

Last night Miranda and I went to Randy and Ann’s for dinner.

This is why you should always take your camera with you. This is just driving along and taking a couple of quick pictures.

Me and Olive

Miranda and me. She’s singing here.

This is Curly, Randy’s new dog. It’s really hard to get a picture of him because he’s constantly in motion. I was lucky here.

Curly attacks.

I believe I am the world’s worst in regards to the news. I don’t read it and I generally don’t watch the world news because I don’t need to be depressed. I am trying to change that by trying to read some select items on the internet. The first one I’ll throw out is a weekly email from Activate. It’s a nice compilation of the weeks news and with it being sent to me in an email form I’m more likely to read it. This news group also sends out a bi-monthly edition related to books called Boldtype, and one related to music (but I think it’s only electronica, which is not exactly up my alley).

I’ve also been reading Slate and it’s a really nice review of the days’ news. I initially started reading this site while I was in Austin and I had so much free time to waste on the internet. I decided early on that the least I could do is educate myself and this was one of those sites that helped me do that. Slate additionally does a nice job of linking all of the major newspaper articles so if you want to visit those pages then you have that option.

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4 thoughts on “Dinner and Dogs

  1. i’m a CNN girl, myself. and MSN. those provide enough news to be informed but not enough to make me depressed….I know what you mean by that. But nothing beats a good old fashioned Dallas Morning News and coffee, Seth!!

  2. AT, it’s good to see you’ve made it to Hotlanta safe and sound, and I’m even more excited to know that you’re still commenting on blogs, which is just a step below actually blogging. In no time, you’ll be starting a new post. Take care.

  3. very funny, setheroo. you better watch out. once i’m back from atlanta, my blogs are going to blow you away!! 🙂

  4. i expect big blogs spawning from miranda’s birthday celebration tonight. i’m so sad that i can’t be there with you guys 😦 make me proud, jungmans!

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