Dog Sitting Again

Randy and Ann are off on vacation again, thus we dog-sit Curly, Randy’s Jack-Russell terrier. Yes, he’s a handful, but luckily my wife has been home for the first three days of this week (school holiday, and yes, she has quite a few of them). Remember last time he stayed he was knocked silly with a concussion.

Here’s Curly.




I rarely get a really good picture of Olive because if I bend down to take a picture, she immediately puts her head down and trots, strike that, waddles towards me. I finally got a really good picture of her.

Razor update: for those of who were concerned, the first disposable razor that I used lasted 6 weeks. For those of you who care, that’s freaking awesome. I am currently on my 2nd razor. By my math, those 6 razors should last me at least 70% of the year. At $1.00 per razor, I’m well on my way to fiscal responsibility.

For those of you who are in the Dallas area I really recommend Unfair Park – The Dallas Observer Blog. It’s extremely topical, at least in terms of the DFW area, and really well written. If none of you have read the Dallas Observer, you should, there’s lots of talented writers there and the way the DMN is going, this may be the best place to get your local news.

I’ve found something that’s really hard to explain, but is really useful if you know how to use it. It’s called the Google Reader. Do you ever get tired of checking websites for new content, or checking my blog for a new post? Well, Google Reader will aggregate the websites you read. The orange box at the end of the left column of this blog is my feed. You’ll also notice orange boxes that say “XML”, that’s the same thing. If you copied and pasted that address into the Google Reader new subscription then everytime I post, Google Reader will let you know. Don’t get me wrong, I still really enjoy going to websites because some of them are visually appealing (like I hope mine is) so I understand that. But if the internet is merely a method of you checking on certain sites then this is a great tool for you.

If you like awesome things then you’re probably going to want to purchase MacGyver, seasons 1 through 7.

Finally, my best man, Ben, had some really nice things to say in the Tulsa Fellowship comments. I felt like they deserved front page status, so here you go. Thanks Duk.

Well, there was certainly an editorial spin to your commentary. Very good job with the photos. I appreciate your effort to make the fellowship weekend and to take time to post it on your blog. I know that it was difficult, given the passing of your grandfather.

You said to me not so long after graduation, that these friendships and bonds that we built through our time in Tulsa were important, and to maintain them after we all went our separate ways would require sacrifice and effort. Thankfully, most of us have been able to continue with that commitment. Each time we come together, I am reminded of the those times together in Tulsa, but I am also reminded of those reasons why I value the friendships of that time. I value these friendships today, probably more than I did then.

While it is true that time and distance separates our daily lives, the common thread of kinship I share with this group will continue to inspire me and compel me to try and organize these weekends for fellowship. We are not the same people we were in school, but the character, values, intangible elements of personality continue.

Wolverines suck.


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  1. I’m sobbing happily. You just can’t see me. Or hear me…

    But you can’t feel me, right, RIGHT???? Thats what I’m talking about.


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