Opening The Gate

Actually, I don’t think I have too much to talk about. After trying to move offices last week and Thanksgiving all wrapped into one week, I’m still a little exhausted. Despite me being tired, what is keeping me going right now is being able to write at Double T Nation and this makes me happy. I love thinking about sports, sports quandaries, sports problems, sports issues. Anything to do with sports has been a relief simply because it provides an escape that I normally don’t get to take in real life. Actually, I used to take those breaks, but it would be in front of the television. I’ve almost all but given up on the television, sans a couple of shows, and that suits me just fine.

Since I normally don’t have a post until the weekend, here are some things to get you through the week.

  • TuitionCoach is birth control. Ever wanted to know the costs of your kids college tuition? If you have kids, then you might not (via Techcrunch).
  • I am in the process of reading a really great online article called the Bootstrappers Bible. This is essential reading for all people who ever wanted to run their own company or start their own business. Actually, I take that back, it’s required reading for anyone who wants to be inspired to do something on your own. I always find it amazing how the written word can inspire people. (thanks to Lifehacker)
  • Need more inspiration about doing what you love, the read What Do You Want To Be When You Grown Up, from Get Rich Slowly. Make sure and read the comments too, they can be awfully inspiring. I’ve had two career and that seems to be the minority in today’s society.

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2 thoughts on “Opening The Gate

  1. Dec 7 – Ryan’s restaurant opening?? What is that? I had no idea he was opening a restaurant! That’s awesome for him!!

  2. Roni,
    I have been off the grid the last few weeks. Chuck and I left our firm, and have opened our new office. It has been exiting and chaotic. The attorney we purchased the office is still here closing his practice. Well, lets just say it is a little crowded. Anyhoo, goodtimes. We have made quite a bit of money so far. This has been the exciting part. I am very excited about Double T nation, despite my lack of interest in TT sports. Oh, have you purchased a Mizzou T-shirt to be photographed in? I made the same bet with Bigtime, well, I now own a OU t-shirt.
    You have left some pretty meaty comments in the last few weeks. I need to weigh in. Later.


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