Finally, I Speak


I know, it’s been a while. I’m Puppy Dog Blue and this is my blog.

So I’ve been a little busy. I’ve taken lots of pictures and posted almost all of them. I know that I need to take some more, or I didn’t take any during the Cowboy’s playoff loss, but that’s okay.

So many times during the day I find myself completely without organization and not knowing what to do. In fact, I regularly spend a day just putting out fires, which is the antithesis of being productive or getting things done. I really love to be organized during the day, and now I’ve found, via Lifehacker, David Seah’s daily organizer. Save this sucker to your hard-drive and print one every day before you start the day. Fill in your appointments and think of 3 or four big tasks you want to accomplish that day and fill those in too. As the day goes on, start filling in the blanks of where your time goes, a phone call here, answering email, surfing the internet, whatever. You’ll be shocked and surprised by the time you spend.

I also find it amazing, that he’s broken down the day at minimum of 15 minute increments, and usually, it takes at least 15 minutes for me to complete a task, whether it be something simple like reading an email.

For instance, I read the email, check the bill to make sure that the other attorney didn’t already receipt for this email, reply to the email, print the email, find the file, acco the email in the file, and finally, send a message to my assistant or senior attorney about the email. Anyway, I think this is a great tool for those of you who seem to think that your time slips away, if you keep it up, this will let you know where your time goes.

Since each one of you are on a computer, when was the last time that you cleaned up your hard drive, defragged stuff in your computer, and stuff (via Lifehacker). Everyone knows by now that you don’t have to pay for anti-virus, that most of this stuff is free and really well done. Email me if you have questions.

This is for those of you who have CD’s who don’t need them anymore SwapaCD (via Lifehacker, again).

We are no longer doing our taxes, but if you are, here’s a good place to start (via GRS).

13 photographs that changed the world (via Kottke).

I’ll try to be a little more personal next time around.

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One thought on “Finally, I Speak

  1. 2 weeks no post! puppydogblue has a weak pulse seth…i’m concerned. p.s. you will appreciate my new t-shirt. i will unveil it at the superbowl party. never fear, it’s 100% blogworthy.

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