Blue’s Haircut – An Explanation

So we’ve been dealing with a tremendous amount of hair from our sweet and clean Puppy Dog Blue, who we believe to be part Husky, although I have no proof of that. Here’s some evidence of said hair:

You can see here that she was literally losing the hair in complete chunks.

Sweet, Sweet and I promised ourselves that we would have Blue groomed before the summer. Honestly, I think the heat really started to take it’s toll on old Blue (she’s only 2 years young), but this year I think that losing all of that hair as dramatically as she did took an even greater toll on her. I thought she was losing weight and she wasn’t eating as much as she normally does. So, it was time to take her to the vet to get trimmed.

I giggle every time I look at her. I never realized how big her ears are, especially in relation to her head. I’m also amazed as to how skinny she is. She’s eating a lot better and I think the haircut helped how she felt. The heat and humidity was beginning to get at her. Lots of people told me that dogs get embarrassed when they get a haircut, but Blue’s attitude hasn’t changed at all.

I took this last picture in the office as I was blogging. That’s right, she’s constantly by my side. Wherever I go, Blue goes.

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