San Antonio Fellowship

Good times ensued when Greggy, Chris, Justin F. and myself headed to San Antonio for a weekend of Cowboys’ training camp and golfing. First, I’d never taken 183 to San Antonio and couldn’t believe how beautiful the scenery was.

Once again, I was hampered by low batteries upon arrival at the Alamo Dome which is why there are few pictures. My bad.


Justin F. and Chris.



Next, we headed to Pecan Valley for a round of golf, which I did not participate. Golfing beats me to no end and it was damn hot. I did however capture some great golf shots.

Justin F. hitting out of a bunker.

Greggo hitting out of a bunker.

Greggo sinking a long put.

Justin F. putting and sweating.

Me with my new Ocean Pacific sunglasses.

Teeing off with Chris.

Teeing off with Greggo.

Teeing off with Justin F.

Justin F. getting out of a tough situation.

The course was beautiful, complete with an old tree that Santa Anna supposedly sat under with his troops.

Once again, we were finished after golfing. We headed back to the hotel, took showers, separately, and went out to dinner on the Riverwalk for some mediocre Mexican food.

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