Summer Birthdays

My family has a number of summer birthdays and we had a family get-together at the house to celebrate everyone’s birthday.

The scene.


Marilea, Blake and Dad.

Saralyn, Darius and Dad.

Grace, Darius and Jensen (hiding behind the cup).

Dad, Saralyn and Ryan.

Blake, Thea and Mom.

Jensen, Grace and Dad.

Thea and Marilea.

Dad, Blake, Ryan Mom and Saralyn.

Saralyn, Mom, Grace, Darius, and TJ.

Sweet Sweet, Dad, Thea, Marilea, Blake, Ryan and Saralyn.

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One thought on “Summer Birthdays

  1. Roni: I have been meaning to write in, which is something I miss. Anyway, before the juggernaut that is Double T Nation, you were very interactive (not to mention, much more active) on the blog. Handing out assignments, trying to inspire and motive, and provoke your blog readers. I was just thinking that was nice, and I kind of miss being prodded like a stubborn adolescent. Anyhow, I know life gets busy, but I am requesting an assignment from time to time.

    As for the Summer Birthday blog. Looks like goodtimes. A little person enjoying summer birthday bliss… I wish… I wish… The family looks good, and am glad to see them. I am sending some much over-due photos of my boy. I believe that I am in for it, but he is by far the best thing I have ever seen in my whole life.

    Hoping that the Jungmans and Berkstressers can find a way to have some fellowship soon.


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