Keeping a Promise

Two weeks in a row isn’t quite a trend, but it’s better than nothing.

Sweet Sweet and I received some great news yesterday, her platelet level is now at 250,000, whereas before her surgery to remove her spleen her platelet level was hovering at around 35,000. As the doctor told her, we got platelets for Christmas, and honestly, my wife’s health was all I could really ask for this holiday season. Granted, she’s an expensive one, i.e. requiring this surgery and then the back surgery still scheduled for January 21st, but I love her.

With more time from the couple of days off for the Holidays I’ll make sure and post additional photos.  As an aside, Sweet Sweet and I will be going to the TT v. SU game this afternoon.  There will be pictures from that as well.

These photos are from last week’s annual Christmas Party with our friends. Thank you to our gracious hosts, Chris and Landy, for hosting this event.

Myself and Sweet Sweet.

Justin F., Ashley F., Bonnie, Leslie, Tony, Chris, Courtney, Kaylie, and Matt.

Brandon, new couple, Nick, Ryan, Justin F. and Greg.

Nick, Ryan, Justin F., Greg, Richie, Keith, and Chris.

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