Christmas Time

Good Christmas and lots of fun with the family. I was coming down with a cold/flu and was feeling pretty bad on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In fact, I’m still coughing, but I think I’ll make it. I only have pictures from Christmas Eve at my parents house, for whatever reason, I don’t take a lot of photos at Sweet Sweet’s parent’s house.

Puppy-dog-cute picture of me an Sweet Sweet.


Nothing says “Celebrate the Birth of Our Lord” like a Dos Equis.

TJ and Mia.

Marilea and Thea (Thea loves her new baby and gives her kisses).

Mom and Dad before posing.

Mom and Dad after posing.

The highlight of the night was a rocket launcher for Jenson. Here we have Grace, Blake, Thea and Sweet Sweet helping Jenson.

Action shots of Jenson.

Thea helping Jenson.

Probably my favorite action shot.

TJ catching the rocket.

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