Belated – Surgery a Success


1. Sweet Sweet’s surgery was/is a success. So far, knock on wood, there have been no issues. The surgery was on a Monday. The doctor said that it was a little worse than anticipated, but it was a success. She woke up with very little pain, just some nausea, which is apparently what happens to Sweet Sweet whenever she gets anesthesia. She was groggy almost the entire day and considering my last sleep-over in the hospital, I decided to go home and get a good night’s sleep. I was able to bring her home on Tuesday, before lunch and I stayed with her the rest of the day.

Thus far, she’s pretty much back to normal and she can start working out, which is what she’s wanted to do for quite some time.

Most importantly, she is pain free. For those of you who can’t wait to see her scar, here you go:

One other note, Sweet Sweet is not trying to twist her body, she was actually that crooked for the better part of 4 months.

2. Some time, the week after Sweet Sweet returned to work (she only took off one week because she loves her job), I came home and noticed that Zoey, was cowering under the kitchen table and thought that I saw something red on her nose. I asked Sweet Sweet if she noticed that red spot on her nose (she was cooking dinner) and she said no. I called Zoey over to me and noticed that she had a huge gash on the left side of her eye and her face was fairly jacked-up. After a few, “Oh, my!”‘s I take Zoey to the vet and they keep her overnight.

When I was at home for lunch, she was fine. I’m thinking that she ran into something or perhaps stepped on a stick (we tend to have a lot of sticks in the yard), it popped up and hit her in the eye.

Despite our worries, Zoey was fine and in good spirits the next day when I picked her up. Although these photos are from the next day, you can still see how red her eye was. It’s actually pretty amazing because when I brought her to the vet, it almost looked like her eye was going to fall out of the socket. The next day, she looked good. She is a fast healer.

And just for good measure, here are the dogs, enjoying their morning sleep as Sweet Sweet and I get ready for work.

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