Visiting The Farm

It’s been way too long since I’ve been out to the farm so this Saturday morning I drove out there. My mission: dirt. Sweet Sweet and I had quite a few holes in the backyard, no thanks to Zoey and Blue, that needed to be filled.

The big blue sky:

The reservoir:

Farm implements:

The spriggers, which were the bane of my existence for so many years:

Green grass:

The sun and the sky:


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2 thoughts on “Visiting The Farm

  1. We should get some of the framed for Father’s Day. Actually, I wouldn’t mind a copy of them myself. I really like big blue sky, the reservoir, and the implement shot. And green grass, natch.

  2. If you click on the pictures, they will take you to my Flickr page and you can download any size, or the original of any of my pictures. Just click “All Sizes” and it will give you the option of downloading which ever size you want to download.

    I took the pictures quickly, but I thought they turned out really well too. Thanks.

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