Memorial Day Weekend

So Memorial Day was last Monday and I’m just now getting around to posting some awesome photos, so please enjoy.

The weekend started out at Stephen and Ashley T.’s house where we enjoyed the pool, washers and some grilling (no pictures of grilling).

Super Nick:

PDB, enjoying the beer, but not the coozie:

Nick, Avery and Ryan:

PDB and Tony:

Sweet Sweet and Leslie R.

Greggo, Ashley T., Wendy and Ryan, playing bones:

Saturday ended with an absolutely incredible and lucky streak of dominating washer play with Greggo and yours truly.

Sunday started with church and then yard work. This is me enjoying a cold one after a long day.

That night, I invited Justin F., Ashley F. and Elam, but before they got there, Olive decided it would be fun to rub her ass in the dirt:

Sweet Sweet and PDB (I’m not bald or balding, it’s just the sun . . . I promise):

Sweet Sweet and Elam:

Ashley F. and Justin F.:

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