Grandma’s 87th Birthday

Another belated post, but you will note that I figure out how to add text to the right sidebar to detail our adoption timeline. That’s going to be updated with the help of Sweet Sweet.

On Easter weekend, Sweet Sweet and I traveled to Castroville to celebrate my Grandmother’s 87th birthday. After Miranda and I arrived, we had never been out to the lake, just outside of Rio Medina and so Sweet Sweet and I took the drive. Unfortunately, it appeared that the only way that we could really get inside the lake was to pay for admission and that wasn’t going to happen on my watch. Nevertheless, we did take decent pictures.

Next we went out to my Aunt Anne and Uncle Gene’s house along with my parents. I went with Gene and my old man to look at cattle and stuff. I wasn’t much use, but I did take some pictures of Gene’s pasture as well as a singular tree out the middle of the pasture. I know, I’m quite artistic.

We went to church early Sunday morning (I think 7:30 a.m. Mass) and afterwards we were to celebrate Grandma’s birthday. Uncle David had cleared out a space not far from Grandma’s house. This is looking back at her home:

Serious business with Dad, David and Grandma:

Sweet Sweet, Valerie, and Mom:

I think here we’re toasting Grandma’s birthday after singing to her:

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