Guys Weekend

I’m on a roll. Catching up with two posts in one day. Towards the end of May, Justin organized a guys weekend where we had Justin and Elam, Eric and Cole, Matt and Miles and myself and Fitsum together for a guys weekend at their farm near Bogata, Texas.

It really was good times and it was the first time that I was totally in charge of Fitsum and not at home. Scary stuff. Everything went well and Fitsum and I had a great time.

This first one is a bit blurry, but it is what happens when you ride a golf cart:


The next day, the kids played on the zip line and everyone else tried to fish, except for us. Fitsum wasn’t real keen on trying to fish and I wasn’t too keen on trying to make him fish if he didn’t want to. Fitsum wanted to play with his Thomas the Train the birdbath:


I got no problem with that. The results of playing so hard left him thirsty:


Fits loved riding the golfcart and he just loved sitting there and driving. For whatever reason that weekend, there were butterflies everywhere. Literally, they were just all over the place and there were hundreds that would surround you at any given time. They would land on you too and that was something that Fitsum liked. For weeks after the trip, he would ask me if I saw that butterfly land on him. Adorable.

Back to my story. Playing in the birdbath left Fitsum thirsty and dirty:


It is sorta funny that Fitsum and Elam don’t like to smile. Fitsum hates photos for some reason, he hates posing for photos. Obviously:



I love this kid.

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