Adoption Update for “Y”

On September 25, 2013, the DGM, the agency in charge of issuing exit letters for adopted children, was shutdown for a year. The DGM initially stated that they would not be issuing exit letters so that children could leave the DRC for a period of 12 months in order to control adoptions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. That 12 month period has now passed and the DGM is now stating that they will not be issuing exit letters until further notice. This is a little unsettling but we are just trying to stay positive, have faith that eventually we will bring “Y” home, and remain patient.

We were told that we have passed court in the DRC but we have not received the “Act of Adoption” which is a document needed for us to apply with the US government in order to bring “Y” home from the DRC. We did receive word a few weeks ago that “Y” had malaria but he was put on antibiotics and is feeling better.

So for now, we wait and pray for a little boy that is an ocean away and in our minds, is our son.

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