Let’s Begin

Why am I starting this and why am I doing this now? Those are both good questions and I don’t know that I have a clear answer other than I’ve had a scratch I’ve wanted to itch for a while. I don’t have any expectations about what this will become, butI’m 45 and I thought if I was going to try to write with the thought that there are things that I want to write about that don’t necessarily have anything to do with Texas Tech. That’s what this space is for.

As you’ll note, this blog is really my personal blog from many moons ago. I decided to buy the domain “Seeking The Substantial” and go from there.

The name of this site comes from a Jim Harrison quote that I’ve always remembered but cannot remember where I read it:

I seek the substantial in life.

The difference here and what I normally do is is that I am not making any promises in terms of a posting schedule and the content will most likely be not at all related to Texas Tech. This is just my personal scratchpad. If I’ve got a thought, it goes here. What about if there’s something that I’ve bought or something that I use all of the time and it works really well? Possible influencer? Probably not. Anyway, this is a place for me to write about things that may not fit in the Staking The Plains box.

Let’s go.

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