Saturday Morning Links

1. Via Mel Magazine, the oral history of the Members Only jacket.

2. Not for the politics, but for the political theory, via Politico, that turnout wins elections, not swing voters.

3. Via The Conversation, 8 things we do that really confuse our dogs, including the idea that we leave them alone. I would like to never leave my dogs alone:

In these situations, naive dogs can’t be sure we’ll ever return to collect them. Only after experience are they likely to expect a reunion, and even then, their experience depends on the context.

4. Via Popular Mechanics, a fungus among us (well in Russia) that eats radiation. Don’t ever forget that science and nature are awesome.

How can this fungus process radiation in this way? Because it has tons of very dark melanin pigment that absorbs radiation and processes it in a harmless way to produce energy. Scientists believe this mechanism could be used to make biomimicking substances that both block radiation from penetrating and turn it into a renewable energy source.

5. Black Pumas, Dirty Dirty.

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