Saturday Morning Links

1. Do you have a lot of old or slightly used tennis shoes? Me too. Way too many. A while back I found this site, Soles4Souls and they take your old tennis shoes and turn them into opportunities for people who live in extreme poverty. The best part about it is that can find a place to drop off shoes or Zappos will cover the shipping in the U.S. for anything under 50 pounds.

2. How cool is Morton Castle in Scotland? This is a place I want to go.

It would be nice to say that Morton castle has the presence, the architecture, or the history to do justice to its setting. The truth is that there’s actually not all that much to see here beyond the stone walls of a roughly rectangular range and parts of two towers. But don’t let that put you off: this really is Undiscovered Scotland and you should come simply to enjoy the location and listen to the wind.

3. FakeTeams posted these terrific redesigns and this Dallas Mavericks jersey.

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mavericks jersey redesign – taking it back to the retro colors & giving the jersey some texas love

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4. Beastie Boys remastered.



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