Saturday Morning Links

1. Ever heard of Coromandel? Me neither. It’s in New Zealand and is actually the Coromandel Peninsula on the North Island and provides an barrier from the island itself. I think I could spend a week on the peninsula itself.

Photo by Ferntech DJI on Unsplash

2. This has made the rounds quite a bit this week, via Wired’s Nicholas Thompson on the nameless hiker with the trail name “Mostly Harmless” was found dead in Florida and no one knows who he is. Imagine no one. No one. Knowing who you are.

3. The Ringer’s Daniel Harris on a piece of history I didn’t know anything about, the story is set in 1954 and Hungary meets West Germany in the World Cup Final, Hungary was the dominant team at the time and West Germany being admitted after, well, the Holocaust.

4. Ever heard of those individuals who worked for the CIA or some other state department who end up injured as a result of some sort of sonic device? GQ’s Julia Ioffe has the story of these agents (not sure if this is the right word) where this has happened in Cuba and Russia and China. It was thought that it was some sort of sonic device but maybe now it’s microwaves?

In September 2018, a California physician and scientist named Beatrice Golomb published a paper that tried to link the suffering of American diplomats to directed microwaves. She connected what came to be known as the Frey effect—using microwaves to create the false sensation of sound—with the fact that some, but not all, of the diplomats in Havana reported hearing the kinds of noise described by Allan Frey. This would suggest that these symptoms were not the result of sonic attacks, as some had speculated. She also offered an insight that could explain Polymeropoulos’s persistent migraines. “Brain injury may be a predisposing factor for…[microwave] injury,” she wrote. That is, people like Polymeropoulos, who was frequently around explosions in his time in Middle Eastern war zones, may be especially vulnerable to brain injury from directed microwave weapons.

5. The Conversation’s Elizabeth Drayson on how 700 years of Muslim rule ended in Spain. Good history lesson. I remember learning about this, but tood to re-read something.

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