Saturday Morning Links

Photo by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

1. Ever heard of the Azores? This all started with a trail running video, which was great and is embedded below, where the Golden Trail Series was recently run in the Azores. The Golden Trail Series is like the bowl games and Super Bowl for trail running. In any event, this series of races were run in the Azores, which is a small archipelago in the middle of nowhere, but is part of Portugal, approximately 870 miles west of Lisbon in the North Atlantic Ocean. The actual name of the Azores is “Autonomous Region of the Azores” which sounds very official. There are nine islands that are part of the Azores. the theory is that the name of Azores was from “acor” which is a goshawk, or basically a hawk. There are approximately a quarter of a million people who live on the islands.

2. Kind of appropriate this time of year, via ArtNetNews, an English archaeologist believes he has discovered what those in the 4th century to be the childhood home of Jesus Christ. Also relevant, via ArtNetNews, other archaeologists believe that they have found the location where Jesus hosted the Last Supper.

3. Articles like this make me realize how little I know about a lot of things. I knew that Syracuse was a school in New York, but a town in Sicily? Sorry, but I was ignorant about that. Aeon on Plato’s travels to Syracuse, where he faced much debauchery in an attempt to get Dionysius to change his ways and that just didn’t happen.

4. Need some good book recommendations? NPR has the best books of 2020 (and prior years as well). From staff picks, biographies and memoirs, comics and graphic novels, cookbooks, etc. Just organized in a handful of categories so that you can find something you would probably like.

5. I don’t know why I get obsessed with things, but I love pens and I go through a lot of blue and black pens (red and green too) and this ended up being a wormhole I fell into from last week when looking at all of the pencils. Am I weird if I’m totally into this blue and black gel pen sampler and mechanical pencil sampler?

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