Saturday Morning Links

1. Ever heard of Passy National Nature Reserve? Me neither, but it is a 4,240 acre park in eastern France. Actually, if you travel to Samoens, which is a commune in the French alps, an has a large number of limestone quarries and this area of the world is known for their stonemasons, and is only 70 kilometers from Geneva and is somewhat sandwiched in-between Switzerland and Italy.

Photo by Baptiste Gousset on Unsplash

2. From the New York Times, Marty Bluewater has been the only person who has been allowed to live on Protection Island, consisting of approximately 370 acres and 2 miles long, for the past 50 years. The pictures alone are worth click.

3. Via Narratively’s Brent Crane, Lamar Marshall is single-handedly re-mapping the Cherokee trails that had previously been wiped off maps.

4. These are three stories from Good Beer Hunting and all three stories are from different places in the world. All are about brewing something and what I love is that despite the distances, we all pretty well do the same thing: Copenhagen, Denmark; Kesennuma, Japan; and Kittery, Maine. I also love the photos, they’re all terrific and so even if you don’t read the article, the photos are worth the click over as well.

5. The Ringer’s Brian Phillips and Den of Geek’s David Crow with two terrific deep dives on Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is a movie we’ve watched with the boys and it definitely holds up. Both links are terrific essays that deep-dive into the movie. What was great to me about this movie is that the Ark of the Covenant was real and that is something that had never once occurred to me as a kid watching this movie in the theaters. I had never conceptualized the Ark that’s what struck me and what I love about that movie.

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