The Panda Bear

My sweet clean buddy, Greggo, discussed the idea that panda bears may actually be related to raccoons. I laughed at the idea, but I did not laugh enough not to find out if this is accurate. Strangely enough, I found this on Wikipedia:

“For many decades the precise taxonomic classification of the panda was under debate as both the Giant Panda and the distantly related Red Panda share characteristics of both bears and raccoons. However, genetic testing has revealed that Giant Pandas are true bears and part of the Ursidae family. Its closest bear relative is the Spectacled Bear of South America. (Disagreement remains about whether or not the Red Panda belongs in Ursidae; the raccoon family, Procyonidae; or in its own family, Ailuridae.)”

I know that this may shock some of you, but Greggo was/is right.

I am going to a Maverick game tomorrow night and it should be quite a time. There will be pictures on Saturday.

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